Junior PLUS - 24hrs for yrs 3 & 4

Junior PLUS is a new initiative specially designed for school children in years 3 and 4 (age 8) who may never have stayed away from home before.

An exciting action packed residential with added benefits for younger children using our many years of experience in facilitating residentials for young people aged 8 to 108!

Junior PLUS is based on the tried and tested, highly popular Action PLUS residential trip, but whereas Action PLUS is a 2 night stay, Junior PLUS is an overnight trip, incorporating morning wake-ups and slightly shorter evening activities, which has proved to be a more workable timetable given the younger age of the children.  To help them feel more at home, we will even serve the children hot chocolate drinks before bedtime.

All activities offered on Junior PLUS trips involve age specific exercises, with the main emphasis focusing on personal development and teamwork.  This is the one trip guaranteed to capture the imagination of our youngest visitors and give them a taste of what school adventure breaks are all about! 


If you would like more information on Junior PLUS, please call us on 01283 79500 or email ellenperkins@whitemoorlakes.org.uk

And if your group enjoys Junior PLUS, you can always bring them back next year on an Action PLUS residential for double the fun!