King's Park Tennis Centre Prices  

1 October 2018 - 31 March 2019

Court TypeHire Charge

Coaching Court (with KP Coach)

Indoor Peak (Mon-Fri 17.00-22.00hrs)

Indoor Off Peak (Mon-Fri 09.00-13.00hrs & Sat/Sun 09.00-20.00hrs)£17.00£10.00
Indoor Off Peak Discounted (Mon-Fri 13.00hrs - 17.00hrs)£13.00£9.00
Outdoor without floodlights (Floodlit prices in brackets)£7.00 (£10.00)£5.00 (£8.00)

Court charges relate to each hour of use.  Courts may be booked up to 7 days in advance.  Block bookings are available for a fee of £15 per 6 month period.  Coaching court rates apply to coaching lessons with King's Park approved coaches.  A list of these coaches is available upon request.  Courts for any other individual coaching lessons will be charged at the standard rates.  Private group coaching sessions are not permitted.  To make a cancellation we require at least 24 hours notice otherwise full payment is due.